Feb 15, 2011


Simple cross-stitch

 Hindus worship OM. This embroidery is made by overlapping two needles and sewn in the traditional foot sewing machine.

Neck design made in traditional foot sewing machine.

 This is called "machi work"- a type of hand embroidery.

Neck design using fabric paint with silver & copper "zari". 

Neck design using silver "zari" and sequins.

Neck design using beads, sequins and fabric paint.

I love embroidery & dress designing.  But often I make delays of my work. Perhaps I am a little lazy or I have a large scope of activity that sometimes I take so much time to choose which work I should do first and start to finish my half done works. I observe people always praise my work but till date I am not totally satisfied with my work. I always want some changes or uniqueness in my work.  It is a good sign, cos then only people improves. Now people can see these photos only bcos of my digital camera. Few years earlier i dont had D camera or the technology was not so improved that it was quite complicated to keep records or photos. So I feel so sorry that i have no photos of my earlier work.

Feb 14, 2011

Glass paintings

Lord Krishna

Birds - My first glass painting

 Indian Village Girl

Lord Ganesha

Glass painting is one of my favourate art work. It is very easy & less time consuming. Among people I met there is hardly anyone who dont like glass painting. It is so gorgeous that people easily attracted & give orders or start learning from me. Nowadays you can paint on glass from any design. Starting from a simple flower, animal, bird,scenery to abstracts.

Feb 13, 2011

Charcoal and Pencil Sketches

These portraits are very dear to me especially the first one made in black & white, cos that is my mother with my elder sister a long time ago when she was a baby. I made the picture same as it is with the help of HB & charcoal pencil. There are so many experts in this world who make good sketches. I dont know whether I am eligible to put these photos here, but just trying to share & improve.